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Heart of my Heart

I Believe in You

Bonnie Dundee

Old Shep

I Feel Fine

Goodnight Irene

Love Me Tender

Honky Tonk

Two Pina Coladas

He Stopped Loving Her Today

Seven Drunken Nights

O     The above songs are MP3 recordings. The CD is a normal CD recording which will play on a CD player.
O     Click on the name of the song above to play it on your computer. If you have the proper software loaded on your computer, the volume is up, the speakers work, and you have a sound card (PC), the songs will start playing once they've been received.
O     The site looks best, and works best with a Macintosh and Internet Explorer... it also works good on a PC. I doubt if it will work on AOL..although I think AOL lets you use Netscape, but give it a try and let me know. It does not work with WebTV.
O     To download the above MP3 recordings to disk:
   O     Mac     click and hold mouse over a song and select 'download link to disk'.
   O     PC       right click over a song and select 'save link as'.

O     You will need a program that will play MP3's on your computer (such as Real Player), or an external MP3 player (and a way to get it to the player) to play the songs.
O     IMPORTANT: In either case, if you have a slow connection it will take awhile to download. If your speed is through a 28k will take a long time - perhaps an hour each..but, it's worth it! If you have a DSL line or greater, it will only take about a minute. The songs are from 2.5 - 4.5 megabytes each.
O     If you would like the CD, click here Don Tibbits or send to

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